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Beautiful emails for beautiful causes

Fast, beautiful, collaborative email creation: that's what BEE Pro is about. We are happy and proud to help nonprofits create effective email campaigns by providing them with free or heavily discounted plans.


Email plays a crucial role in nonprofit fundraising.

Whether it's a message to create awareness about a new campaign or "Thank you" note that prompts an active donor to switch to monthly giving, beautifully designed emails that render well on mobile devices can make a big difference.


Email is also a fantastic tool to keep in touch with all of a nonprofit's stakeholders

Volunteers, advocates, existing donors, past donors that have not donated in a while, etc.
A well crafted email campaign that visually communicates why and how your nonprofit continues to make an impact can go a long way.



The size and budget of your nonprofit organization will help determine which program is right for you. After we review your application we will reach out to you with all the necessary details on how to get you started.

100% free for Freelancer and Team plans

Upon approval, we will apply a special discount
to your BEE Pro subscription.

The discount fully covers these BEE Pro monthly fees:

CDN data transfers

So, for example, you will be able to upgrade your subscription to the "Team" plan and add new users, without incurring any charges.

50% discount for Agency plan

Upon approval, we will apply a special discount
to your BEE Pro subscription.

The discount covers these BEE Pro monthly fees:

Additional Agency plan users
CDN data transfers

Why 50%? Because if you are a larger 501(c3) nonprofit organization, you can probably afford to offset some of our cost, so we can continue to provide the service for free to smaller nonprofits.

Next Steps

This program is for 501(c3) organizations based in the United States
and international charitable organizations everywhere.

Remember, before you apply you must:
- Have an active account or start a new 15-day trial account.
- Use an email address from your organization's domain name.

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