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The fast and easy way to design beautiful, high-performing emails

  • Faster email creation with AI and synced rows
  • Effortlessly collaborate with your team
  • Send with your current platform
  • Get more opens, clicks and conversions
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Faster creation


82% of BEE Pro users improved speed in creating emails

Better integration


44% of BEE Pro users experience better integration with sending platforms

Better results


63% of users increased their CTR (click-through rate) by at least 11% since using BEE Pro

Outstanding roi


73% of our customers see ROI in 3 months or less

*Survey conducted by UserEvidence

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Get More Done In Less Time

From freelancers to large teams

Feel like a superhero by working together as a team

  • Collaborate in real-time with commenting and editing
  • Streamlined team collaboration for remote and distributed teams
  • Scalable for any team size

Gain back lost time from inefficient design tools

  • Unleash your creativity with full design and branding control
  • Integrate AI as your writing assistant
  • Transform email designs into landing pages with a single click
  • Export to any marketing and sending platform
Design here, use anywhere

Simplify Your Workflow with Seamless Integration

Send with your ESP

Send your email from your current platform

  • Export the HTML code to any platform
  • Use our connectors for one-click export to popular sending platforms such as HubSpot, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Klavyio, and many others
  • Export as a PDF
Digital campaign

Transform your email marketing into a powerful digital campaign

  • Convert emails to landing pages and vice versa with one click
  • Add page-specific elements such as signup forms
  • Publish pages on BEE Pro or HubSpot
Send with your ESP

Keep your email marketing organized and on-brand

  • Manage emails and landing pages in one convenient place
  • Keep your designs on-brand across teams and departments
  • Easy access for remote and distributed teams
Email design system

Build your email design system using workspaces and rows

  • Consistent and efficient brand management
  • Effortless enforcement of style guidelines
  • Reduced time spent starting new campaigns through saved and synced content

Get Inspired By Our Email and Landing Page Templates

Choose from 1500+ free editable templates

  • Access to the world's largest collection of free editable templates
  • Get started with professional templates or create from scratch
  • Mobile-responsive emails and pages with no design limitations.

Explore our vast collection of templates now!


For Designers, Agencies, And Businesses Of All Sizes

For Designers seeking to increase speed

  • Enhance design and production speed
  • Real-time collaboration with team and clients
  • Maintain consistent branding in all emails

For Startups with a single brand

  • Streamline campaign creation and design
  • Improved collaboration through comments and real-time teamwork
  • Customizable branding and accessible design tools

For Businesses with multiple departments and brands

  • Faster campaign creation
  • Improved design collaboration through comments and real-time teamwork
  • Consistent branding and expanded design tool access

For Agencies managing multiple clients and teams

  • Streamline approval process through real-time collaboration
  • Always on-brand across multiple clients
  • Single tool for email creation, multiple sending platforms

Pricing Options To Fit Any Budget


For occasional users


Full of great features, access to the 1500+ template catalog


For start-ups and freelancers


Everything on the Free plan plus:

Unlimited emails, pages, folders, and reusable blocks, as well as customizable user roles and permissions, and more.

No credit card required


For agencies and large companies

Custom Pricing

Everything on Team, plus:

Multi-workspace environment, improved workspace management and user permissions, custom domains, increased monthly image hosting space, premium support, and more.

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