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BEE Plugin - Plans and pricing

Looking for a solution designed to manage high-volume traffic, without the need to break your account? Discover our Enterprise plan.


All-in-One Subscription Plans

You can deploy BEE Plugin for emails, landing pages & popups within the same application

BEE Plugin Enterprise

Need custom implementation?

Discover our BEE Plugin Enterprise Plan.

BEE Customer success stories

Every story is different in its own way but the end result is always the same - SUCCESS

BEE Plugin Case Study - Samba.ai

Founded in 2012, Samba.ai’s initial focus of providing data analysis for businesses led to the creation of a predictive model that would help companies meet customer needs.


BEE Plugin Case Study - LeadFox

Leadfox is a global marketing automation platform used by thousands of SMBs and marketing agencies across over 100 countries.