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BEE Plugin - Premium Support

A higher level of customer support is available to BEE Plugin customers.
To add Premium Support to your BEE Plugin subscription, please contact your account manager.

Standard vs Premium Support

Standard Support

Premium Support

Required Billing Plan Essentials and above Core and above
Term (Minimum Agreement Duration) One month One year
Priority queue for regular support requests
Regular support request response SLA Best effort One business day
Emergency support requests 24x7
Emergency support request response SLA ASAP & < 6 hours
Private Slack channel
Health check endpoints
Access to BEE QA environment
Fees Included $5,000/year
Included in Enterprise & On-Premise




Required Billing Plan Client must be a subscriber of BEE Plugin Core plan or higher, as described on the BEE Pro pricing page located at https://beefree.io/bee-plugin/pricing/
Minimum Agreement Duration Client agrees that the Initial Term mentioned in the Agreement, and specifically in Section 8.1, is of one year.
Regular support Technical support provided by MailUp in all circumstances that are not those of Emergency Support.
Emergency Support Technical support provided by MailUp in cases of severe disruption of service, which are: Software is not available; Software is available, but is inoperable or severely restricted.
Priority Queue for Regular Support Requests In accordance with the provisions under Section 10 of the Agreement, Client may contact MailUp electronically to seek regular technical support. Regular support requests submitted by Client will be prioritized over requests submitted by customers that have not subscribed to Premium Support. Prioritization among requests by Premium Support customers will be based on the time in which requests are received (i.e. “First Come, First Serve” basis).
Regular Support Response SLA MailUp guarantees to acknowledge the request and begin troubleshooting the issue within one business day. This higher level of service supersedes the Best Effort provision in Section 10 of the Agreement.
Emergency Support Requests Client may contact MailUp to submit an Emergency Support Request 24×7, 365 days a day, using any and all of the communication channels made available by MailUp to client.
Emergency response SLA MailUp is committed to responding to Emergency Support Requests as soon as possible and guarantees to Client that it will acknowledge the request and being troubleshooting the issue within 6 hours.
Private Slack channel MailUp will make available to Client a private communication channel via the popular Slack service (https://slack.com/). Through this channel Client will be able to access experienced members of the MailUp team via synchronous & asynchronous message threads. The objective of this communication channel is to help Client to quickly configure the Software in the initial phases of implementation, and to keep the Software tuned and optimized over time.
Health Check Endpoints MailUp will make available to Client resources that Client may invoke programmatically for automated system availability monitoring.
Access to QA environment MailUp will make available to Client a QA environment running the latest, pre-release version of the BEE editor and its other components, including the HTML parser (*). This will allow Client to test both new features in the editor and possible changes to the HTML output, before such changes go live.
Client will be notified via email and Slack when a new version of the BEE Plugin system been made available in the QA environment.

(*) The HTML parser is the engine that transforms into HTML the JSON document created by the BEE editor: it is updated regularly to achieve better email client compatibility.